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Shotgun Certificate - Medical Reports

DATE POSTED: 29.04.22


Applications for Shotgun Certificates and renewals now require a medical certificate - this is how to get one when your doctor won't provide it.

As you are probably aware, from 1 November all GB police forces have been operating under the new Home Office Statutory Guidance on Firearms Licensing. This requires your GP or another medical practitioner to verify applications for all certificate grants and renewals.

Unfortunately, there can often be a delay in getting GPs to verify applications and some Doctors are now refusing to provide them at all.  For this reason, we would advise you to liaise with your GPs well in advance of putting in your application.

Automatic extension

According to information we have found on the BASC website, if you apply more than eight weeks in advance of your certificate expiring, you are entitled to an automatic eight-week extension (see Section 28B of the Firearms Act 1968). To make sure that you qualify for this, it is advisable to be speaking to your GP at least four months before your certificate expires.

Alternative suppliers that we have found online, that will verify applications having accessed your medical records for you are -



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