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Back from 17th May 2021 - Duck, scramble, crawl & roll in our own woodland battlefield. Including a ravine & stream - great for those stealth attacks!.

The Ashcombe Paintball site, near Exeter, covers a large area of woodland, perfect for a fun shoot-out with your friends and colleagues.

Professionally run, we are affiliated to the UK Paintball Sports Federation and while we want you to enjoy your experience, your safety is of paramount importance to us.  The site and equipment are well maintained to guarantee your satisfaction throughout your battles!

Imagine yourself crossing bridges, hiding out in bunkers and setting up base in specially designed towers - there's even a crashed aeroplane helping to set the scene! Ashcombe Adventure Centre has an extensive variety of scenarios available, that our highly trained staff will guide you through. 

A great way to strengthen (or destroy!!) relationships with customers, stag or hen do's, or of course, a very competitive bunch of friends! All Paintball Games are professionally managed by our experienced Paintball Marshals. 

No money is taken onto the battle field - we note all purchases down using a tab system and take payments at the end. Soft drinks are available in the safety area, but feel free to bring your own snacks.

Group Sizes:

Daytime Paintball Games: 10 min – 40 max
Sunday Paintball Games: 20 min – 40 max
Minimum Age: 16 years old
What's Included in the initial Game Fee: Overalls, Full faced masks, use of our marker(gun), 1 x anti-fog wipe and 50 rounds of paint.  

We can always offer a more inclusive package with additional rounds and/or grenades & refreshments included from the start - please enquire when you book.

Paintballing Equipment Specifications

We use RPS Paintballs: We use the Euro-flite series in the Summer and Autumn, and Polar Ice series in the Winter and Spring. Our boxes contain 2,000 Paintballs, all filled with non-staining, water-based paint.
Costs - 50 rounds £4.00, 100 rounds £7.00 or a box of 2000 rounds £120.00

Smoke and Paint grenades are available (pyrotechnics can and will only be sold to participants aged 18 years and over) for £3.50 each.

Paint Markers 
We use Semi-Automatic Field Inferno Markers with 10A barrels. These are run on liquid CO2. You can have as many free refills of liquid CO2 as you require during the course of your games.

Paintballing Safety Equipment
We provide all of the Personal Protective Equipment required for playing Paintball safely. We use NBC Suits as Overalls, and use Scott - Big Ass Field Vision Masks for glasses wearers and Scott - Vectra Masks for everyone else.

Paintball Gloves
We strongly recommend wearing gloves during paintball, as getting hit on the hand hurts! Armoured fingerless gloves, which are specifically designed for paintball games, are on sale at the Paintball Office.

Chest Protectors
For our female guests, we supply armoured chest protectors to lessen the blow of getting shot!


Colley Lane (B3192)
Near Dawlish
Devon EX7 0QD

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