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Gladiator Assault Course

We have a great, purpose built Assault course for you to test your metal - The  Gladiator Assault Course.

The Gladiator is a full-throttle obstacle course - it’s wet, it’s muddy and a whole lot of fun!

Incorporating a selection of poles, nets, tyres, walls and water obstacles, just making it through to the end is a great achievement! You can choose to take the time-trial challenges; either as a team or as individuals. Successful challengers of the time trials will be presented with a certificate and a 'Record Breaker' t-shirt, as well as finding their names on display on our Notice Board!

Approximate activity duration: 45-60 minutes
Minimum group size: 6
All participants must be within set safety parameters: Minimum height 4'6", Minimum age 14 years

Be brave, be bold & bring some spare clothes !
Shower kit, towel and complete change of clothes and footwear essential.

Various adaptations are available to encourage leadership skills, communication and teamwork: 

DINO EGGS - Save as many baby dinosaur eggs on route as Possible.

LIQUID GOLD - A pot of liquid gold was stolen; it has been located suspended from a rope over a bog. It must be recovered and transported through the course. 

WATER PORTERYour team must complete the course whilst transporting a measured amount of clean water – don’t spill it or let it become contaminated!

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Colley Lane (B3192)
Near Dawlish
Devon EX7 0QD

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